Investment Strategy

Ilshin Investment has strived to take an industry-leading investment approach, form strategic alliances at both the fund and portfolio company level and add to portfolio company value in a hands-on manner.

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01 First in Industry
02 Strategic Alliances
03 Hands-on Value Creation


01. First in Industry

In addition to traditional venture capital investment, Ilshin Investment has pioneered new areas of investment and developed creative investment methods.

In the mid-1990s, when the domestic film industry was still in its early stages, Ilshin was the first financial institution to invest in a Korean film project. Ilshin was also the first in the venture capital industry to successfully invest in the consumer retail sector through a joint venture.

Additionally, Ilshin has pioneered new investment fields, including being the first in the industry to establish funds for the sole purpose of investing in animation, music and television. Through its well-structured investment activities, Ilshin has contributed to the vitalization of those industries.


02. Strategic Alliances

At the fund level, Ilshin Investment has strategically selected domestic and international limited partners to achieve optimal investment performance. Through these selected limited partners, Ilshin has been able to identify and source high-quality investment targets, as well as make professional and researched investment decisions.

At the portfolio company level, Ilshin has strived to find strategic shareholders who can contribute to company operations. Through these shareholders who can support portfolio companies with technology development, sales activities and internal management, Ilshin has pursued an investment strategy in which both the investor and portfolio company can grow together.


03. Hands-on Value Creation

Ilshin Investment follows a value-oriented investment strategy which focuses on the intrinsic value of companies. After investment, Ilshin works closely with management teams to support operations and maximize company value.

Ilshin has taken a hands-on approach to support its portfolio companies, including business plan development in the early stages of establishment, diverse value creation activities during the growth period, as well as the introduction of industry best practices necessary for performance improvement. Ilshin also has experience in restructuring and M&A to support a struggling portfolio company within the media industry lay a strong foundation for growth and secure competitiveness.